Cleaning and Greening Event was Organized in Teghut Community

On 24 March 2017, cleaning and greening event was organized in Teghut community, Lori Marz. 5-12 grade schoolchildren, together with the Teghut Local Working group and Green Lane NGO representatives participated in the event. The aim of the activity was to clean up the area of the community Events hall, plant flowers and sow grass. The children cleaned up the area and dig the place intended for planting, pruned and tied the bush of a climbing rose. Later on, they decided that it is necessary to fertilize the soil before planting anything; therefore, shortly a sawdust and manure will be prepared for small land plot sowing. CENN provided more than 50 kinds of flowers and lawn grass seeds. Each of the participants was presented with a book, titled “Everything about agriculture, and not only…” and a pack of flower seeds.



Participants were very enthusiastic and most of them signed up to be members of the youth Eco-club. The event was organized by the “Green lane” NGO in Armenia within the CENN regional project, Promoting Environmental and Social Accountability in the Mining Sector in the Caucasus. The goal of the project is to reduce poverty, enhance environmental education and awareness, enhance environmental and social security related to mining activities and foster sustainable rural development. The project is being implemented with the financial support of the German fund Bread for the World.


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