A Large-scale Environmental Campaign, Keep Georgia Beautiful, Goes on

On December 1, 12:00, the area of Krtsanisi Park was cleaned up within Keep Georgia Beautiful, a large-scale environmental campaign. CENN has taken responsibility for maintenance of cleanliness of the area. The campaign is implemented within a USAID-funded Waste Management Technologies in Regions, Phase II (WMTR II) implemented by CENN.


Keep Georgia Beautiful campaign is aimed at involvement of private companies, NGOs and governmental agencies, local residents and any other stakeholder in sustaining of a clean and green environment in Georgia. The first event of the campaign was held on October 7 when memorandum of understanding was signed between CENN and East European University. East European University was the first institution that engaged in the campaign and took responsibility for the cleanliness of the garden adjacent to the University.


Within the project, CENN employees along with students of Public Schools # 153 and 169 and students of the Environmental Club of Ilia State University cleaned up Krtsanisi Park area on December 1. This was followed by installation of banners on the area to prevent its further pollution.


About Keep Georgia Beautiful campaign:


Keep Georgia Beautiful campaign calls for private companies, non-governmental organizations and governmental agencies, local residents and other stakeholders to support the development of a responsible attitude and implementation of green activities in their everyday lives.


Within Keep Georgia Beautiful campaign, interested organizations and persons can select a specific area and assume responsibility for its cleanliness and further care. After area identification, with CENN support, initial cleaning of the area will take place, banner will be installed to inform public of the organization responsible for cleanliness of the area. Adoption of the area by an organization implies conducting monitoring of its cleanliness and repeated cleaning activities as necessary.


About the program:


The WMTR II program assists the Government of Georgia (GoG) in modernization of the country’s waste management sector and supports sustainable development and inclusive economic growth by implementation of waste separation and recycling practices. The program mainstreams innovative approaches, applies new technologies, and streamlines strong partnerships to solve development challenges.


WMTR II conducts its activities in three regions of Georgia – Kakheti, Shida Kartli, Adjara AR and Tbilisi in the four main focus areas:


– Implementation of an Integrated Waste Management System;

– Private Sector-Led Recycling;

– Illegal Dumping Penalties and Tariff Policy;

– Public Outreach


WMTR II program is implemented by Caucasus Environmental NGO Network with the support of USAID.



CENN - ßâôßâÉßâíßâúßâñßâùßâÉßâòßâößâæßâÿßâí ßâÉßâÑßâ¬ßâÿßâÉ - @ Utskhography - 0006 CENN - ßâôßâÉßâíßâúßâñßâùßâÉßâòßâößâæßâÿßâí ßâÉßâÑßâ¬ßâÿßâÉ - @ Utskhography - 0076 CENN - ßâôßâÉßâíßâúßâñßâùßâÉßâòßâößâæßâÿßâí ßâÉßâÑßâ¬ßâÿßâÉ - @ Utskhography - 0100 CENN - ßâôßâÉßâíßâúßâñßâùßâÉßâòßâößâæßâÿßâí ßâÉßâÑßâ¬ßâÿßâÉ - @ Utskhography - 0048



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