Opportunities for reduction of energy pressure on forests and development of economic potential

Interagency cooperation model aimed at eradication of fuel resources deficiency, post-forest fire risks, opportunities for ecosystem restoration, development of and assigning a protective status to Krtsanisi Park were the topics discussed by representatives of governmental agencies, CBOs and NGOs at the meeting of Advisors’ Board of Sustainable Forest Governance in Georgia project.


The meeting was attended by Winfried Sus, an Austrian expert cooperating with National Forestry Agency and other stakeholders on the development of an action plan for forest recreational management. The concept of the above document, its development plan and methodology were presented at the meeting.


Based on expert findings, natural forests of Georgia and the unique diversity of their landscapes and species could be viewed as a still unused resource whose proper management and diversification could become a start of a new phase in the tourism sector. Regional parks developed resorts and recreational areas will contribute to the creation of quality living and working conditions and will have a positive impact on the economy, create jobs and provide the population with alternative sources of income, thus changing their consumer attitude to forests and increase opportunities for introduction of alternative heating resources.


See the video report prepared by TV Imedi.


The meeting was organized by CENN within Sustainable Forest Governance in Georgia funded by Austrian Development Cooperation (ADA).



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