Global Forest Watch

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection together with World Resources Institute are carrying out Global Forest Watch (GFW) Georgia, funded by GEF. The project is being implemented together with GIZ and Caucasus Environmental NGO Network – CENN. The project will finish in November 2018.


Unique GFW 2.0 technology created by the project is used worldwide for reporting and analysis on forest loss, forest and land degradation, illegal cutting, biodiversity monitoring, etc. The data is constantly updated on the global web portal. Global Forest Watch (GFW) is free and simple to use, enabling anyone to create custom maps, analyse forest trends, subscribe to alerts, or download data for their local area or the entire world.


Web portal/ platform will be established in Georgia, where all information received from forest inventory and other sources will be uploaded using this unique technology. The portal and its analytical tools will run in English and Georgian languages.


Leveraging the advent of new technologies and increased global connectivity, work on the next generation Global Forest Watch began in 2011 with an expanded group of partners and powerful new monitoring capabilities. The technology will allow visualisation and qualitative/ quantitative analysis of current status of Georgian forests, will fill in informational and analytical gaps, and therefore promote better decision-making, monitoring and forest rehabilitation in the forest landscapes of Georgia.


For more information, please contact:

National Coordinator in Georgia Catherine Nakashidze

+995 577905117


Global Forest Watch Representative to Georgia, Gigia Aleksidze

+995 599 007 107


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