Fostering Youth Employment and Sustainable Development through Social Entrepreneurship for Green Growth
Green entrepreneurship, or sustainable entrepreneurship that contributes to green growth, centers around entrepreneurship in a wider context in which the environment is the focal point. Green entrepreneurs strive to have a positive impact on the environment and try to mitigate environmental and social crises by creating business models addressing specific social and environmental issues. These entrepreneurs value both directions in their business models, creating innovative green products or services to boost demand for environmentally friendly production as well as increasing employability.
We believe that young people have enormous potential to become environmental stewards of sustainable development and that green entrepreneurship can play an integral part in the fight against youth unemployment. Developing entrepreneurial and leadership skills is essential for youth to become effective and determined leaders in the future.
With this in mind, we will actively contribute to developing the entrepreneurial potential of youth and support the establishment of effective ecosystem for social entrepreneurship and green innovation over the next few years.


Social Entrepreneurship for Green Growth


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A conference dedicated to the European Year of Youth was held in Tbilisi with the EU’s support


more than 100 people participated in the conference on Youth Challenges and Opportunities in Georgia. The event was initiated by CENN within the EU-funded “EU4Youth – “Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development (SEED) for Green Growth” project. The conference was attended by the EU Delega

Empowering Women and Youth in the Gori Municipality by Social and Green Entrepreneurship


Up To 10 Journalists Visited the Women Green Entrepreneurs of Gori Municipality within the framework of the EU-supported media tour “Discover Social and Green Entrepreneurs in Gori”. The media tour was part of CENN’s ongoing project “EU4Youth: Social Entrepreneurship Ecos



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