Forests play a crucial role both environmentally and economically. Forests form a habitat for thousands of species, protect soil from erosion, regulate water cycle, mitigate the adverse effects of climate change, etc.  In addition, forests provide humans with wood and non-wood resources. Forest is a natural resource that has an exceptional value for Georgia. It has a national, regional and global value and covers approximately 40% of the country area.


Forest in Georgia not only accounts for maintaining unique biodiversity, but also performs social and environmental functions of state importance, supplies local residents with vital resources and provides welfare, poverty eradication and sustainable development of such sectors of economy as agriculture, energy and tourism. The need for forest protection is a globally accepted truth. Georgia is a signee of a number of international treaties and agreements, thus committing to ensure forest management according to sustainable principles.


Sustainable Forestry

Photo by: Bogdan Eriashvili

Sustainable Forestry

Photo by: Tamar Kopaleishvili

Sustainable Forestry

Photo by: Lasha Gigauri

Sustainable Forestry

Photo by: Roman Tolordava

Sustainable Forestry

Photo by: Mariam Sekhniashvili

Sustainable Forestry

Photo by: Niko Kerdikoshvili

Sustainable Forestry

Photo by: Paata Vardanashvili


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Austria Hosts the Georgian Delegation to Discuss the Issues of Forestry, Rural Development and DRR: Working Visit to Vienna


Within the framework of the CENN project, Sustainable Forest Management for Rural Development, with the financial support of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC), the Georgian delegation went on a working visit to Austria. Within the framework of the official visit to Austria, the Georgian

Niko Ketskhoveli School Awards Winners Have Been Announced


CENN, with the financial support of the Austrian Development Cooperation, hosted the final event of the youth environmental competition, the Niko Ketskhoveli School Awards. 32 school eco-clubs from Georgia participating in the final presented important environmental and social activities that th


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