CENN, Within the Frames of the EU-supported Georgia Climate Program (GEO-CAP) Announces a Competition for Journalists, Bloggers and Vloggers!


To strengthen the role of  civil society and society in general, in the action against climate change, CENN, within the framework of the Georgian Climate Program (GEO-CAP), together with partner business companies – ProCredit Bank, Toyota Caucasus, and, Adjara Group, announces a competition – Act for Climate (Act4Climate) for journalists, bloggers, and vloggers!

Those wishing to participate in the competition should submit an article, blog, video reportage, vlog and/or photo story that shows the processes of climate change, challenges, and possible solutions. The submitted material should present the negative effects of climate change and reflect our attitudes towards climate change. It should also encourage the public to contribute to mitigating the negative effects of climate change through simple, daily actions.

It is a requirement that the work submitted will have been published after the announcement of the competition. Keep in mind that creative work is encouraged as much as possible! The competition aims to create [multi] media products that will inform the audience, reflect on climate change processes, and at the same time motivate the audience to act against climate change.

The competition partners are ProCredit Bank, Toyota Caucasus, and, Adjara Group.

The deadline for submission is March 8, 2022, 18:00.

For information about the terms of the competition, please see the following link: 


Please submit the works to the following e-mail: marie.kikvadze@cenn.org entitled “Journalist Competition”

The works must contain the following information: name, surname, telephone number, published media product link, and name of the media organization you represent.

3 winners will be revealed as a result of the competition.

I place – 1,500 GEL Zoomer voucher

II place – 1,200 GEL Zoomer voucher

III place – 900 GEL Zoomer voucher

The competition partners ProCredit Bank, Toyota Caucasus, and, Adjara Group will award their chosen candidates with a special prize:

ProCredit Bank – for creative work that showcases responsible business values and successful practices in an environmental context

Toyota Caucasus – for creative work that reflects a strategic and long-term vision – 2 000 GEL

Adjara Group – for creative work that demonstrates the importance of introducing eco-friendly practices in the business sector.

To share information on climate change, journalists interested in participating in the competition will have the opportunity to attend an online training that will take place on February 14, at 15:00, at Zoom.

Those wishing to attend the training should register at the following link:


Climate change issues may include:

*Limited access to clean water

*Natural disasters

*Pollution of rivers

*Sharp variability in temperature

*Biodiversity reduction/species loss


*Yield reduction

*Atmospheric air pollution

*Any other topics that you think are related to climate change, such as climate activism, youth and climate change, etc.

Submitted works will be evaluated according to with the following criteria:

*Content and relevance to the theme of the competition

*Storytelling style and creativity

*Development of an idea/topic

*Content accuracy/citation of sources

*Number of articles/blogs

*Number of audiences covered by the article/blog (Audience Reach)

Participants can submit a maximum of 5 piece of work;

The name of the author must be indicated on the work.


The competition is held under the European Union-supported Georgia Climate Action Program (GEO-CAP) that is implemented by CENN together with the Kakheti Regional Development Fund (KRDF), the Chiatura Union (ACU), the Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti Agrotourism Development Association (RLS-ADA), and the Young Pedagogue’s Union (YPU). The target municipalities of the project are Gurjaani, Sagarejo, Akhmeta, Zestaponi, Tkibuli, Chiatura, Lanchkhuti, Ozurgeti, Oni, and Ambrolauri.


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