PUBLICATION - Hazards of Disastrous Flooding in the City of Tbilisi

  The present publication contains the analysis of physical-geographical and geo-ecological preconditions for the occurrence of catastrophic flash floods on the tributaries of the Mtkvari river within the limits of the city of Tbilisi, the assessment of rehabilitation works undertaken for the e


E-Game: Sort and Recycle

In order to raise public awareness on waste separation and recycling, the WMTR team has released an educational e-game, Sort and Recycle, targeting children aged 6 and above.   The goal of the game is to help the younger generation understand that not all waste is garbage, it is possible to pro


Field Guide - Common Trees and Shrubs of Georgia

Download the Field Guide – Common Trees and Shrubs of Georgia About the Field Guide   Up to 400 species of trees and shrubs grow in Georgian forests. This Field Guide contains information about 100 species of trees and shrubs from 38 plant families. The abundance of relict and endemic tim


GreenWatch APP

GreenWatch is an innovative tool, which allows us to care for nature together. The app gives you an opportunity to reveal the facts that can be a threat to our environment. If you’re facing:   • Forest degradation • Illegal Wood trading • Illegal hunting • Pollution and littering • Windstorm •


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