The following map displays waste separation corners in Tbilisi. You can take following sorted waste: paper, glass, plastic and aluminium.


Waste separation corners in Tbilisi


In order to reduce waste and follow sustainable waste management in the city, sorting waste and placing it in recycling bins should become part of people’s everyday routine. Therefore, the WMTR II program has put waste separation corners around different locations in Tbilisi.


You can take the following sorted waste to the above-mentioned corners: paper, glass, plastic, and aluminium.


Before placing waste into the bins, be sure to pay attention to where you dispose of each specific type of waste. The Waste bins have labels stating what type of waste they are for.


Remember that separated waste must always be clean. Dirty waste cannot be disposed of in the bins, as this will make the whole contents of the bin unsuitable for recycling. Make sure that plastic or glass bottles or aluminium can have no liquid inside.


Place the waste in the correct bin:


Paper container: Books, journals and newspapers, notebooks, envelops, and other clean waste paper


Glass container: Glass bottles and jars


Plastic container: Plastic bottles and vessels


Aluminium container: aluminium cans


More waste separation corners are already planned, so start sorting your waste.

Separated waste partially goes to local recycling companies and partially – to export.

Check out our map for all the locations and directions above.

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The WMTR II program is supported by USAID and implemented by CENN.


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