Avranlo Public School Without Trash

The WASH Technical Assessment field visits revealed that the Avranlo Public School in Tsalka Municipality had a problem with a poorly-functioning toilet, as well as an illegal dumpsite on the school’s premises. As the school’s fence was demolished, the yard was unprotected from livestock polluting t


Drinkable Water, Trash-Free School Yards and Roofed Schools

CENN takes pride in the success achieved by the EU-funded project, Water for the poor, in Kvemo Kartli and is actively cooperating with the municipalities concerning additional priority water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH) issues.   The project has been under way in the region since December 20


WASH Councils were Established in Kvemo Kartli

From 1-4 May 2018, CENN conducted meetings in Kvemo Kartli Municipalities (Dmanisi, Tetritskaro, Marneuli and Tsalka), where WASH councils were established through the participatory approach. The councils include local residents as well as other stakeholders. The meeting participants discussed and d


A Meeting for the Project, “Water for the Poor,” was held with the Stakeholders of Marneuli Municipality

On 29 March 2018, the head of Marneuli Municipality, Mr. Temur Abazov hosted the project team (CENN, HRC and WW) and other stakeholders (i.e. the Public Health Center, school staff and management, and representatives from the medical sector) to discuss WaSH standards.   The main objective of th

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