The Interagency Coordination Council will Work on Forest Programs

On December 11, CENN, together with the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture, hosted a meeting for the Rural Development Interagency Coordination Council (IACC) working group with relevant stakeholders.   During the meeting, thematic and technical aspects of IACC’s activitie


Concluding Meeting of the Project “Fostering New Technologies for Sustainable Forest Governance in Georgia”

On 25 October, 2018, CENN organized a meeting on “Natural Disaster Risk Assessment Methodology and Mitigation Measures” within the framework of the project, “Fostering New Technologies for Sustainable Forest Governance in Georgia”, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment Prote


Modern Standards for Pruning and Shaping Trees in Tbilisi

CENN conducted a training for employees from the Urban Environmental Service and the Ecoservice Group Ltd.   A training prepared by the Professionals’ Association for the Future of Trees included both theoretical and practical studies and was aimed at mastering the techniques of maintenance, ca


International Support for the Restoration of Edible Chestnut Forest Stands

The Ministry of Environment and Agriculture of Georgia resumed the restoration of chestnut groves in the region of Imereti, utilizing CENN’s international expertise.   Within the initiative, experts from the Austrian Research Centre for Forests (BFW) conducted an on-site study of the condition

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