E-Game: Sort and Recycle

In order to raise public awareness on waste separation and recycling, the WMTR team has released an educational e-game, Sort and Recycle, targeting children aged 6 and above.

The goal of the game is to help the younger generation understand that not all waste is garbage, it is possible to produce useful items by sorting waste, and by recycling waste we care for the environment and save natural resources. The game consists of several stages:

– The player has to clean a room, a park, or picnic area and sort waste and place it in pre-determined waste bins;


– After the room/park/picnic area is cleaned, an animation starts, showing a waste collection vehicle carrying waste to a recycling facility;


-The player has to produce various products from the waste in the recycling facility, e.g., a plastic plate or a metal spoon.


The game becomes more and more difficult with each stage. At the first stage, each item and bin has its corresponding description, which disappears after moving to the next stage. The more quickly the player cleans the surroundings and the fewer mistakes they make, the more they will score. Each time the player presses the wrong button they lose points.


The game is now available on iOS and Android systems.


The game is available in Georgian language only.


screenshot_2016-01-04-23-29-44 screenshot_2016-01-04-23-29-55 screenshot_2016-01-04-23-30-20


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