Field Guide - Common Trees and Shrubs of Georgia

Download the Field Guide – Common Trees and Shrubs of Georgia

About the Field Guide


Up to 400 species of trees and shrubs grow in Georgian forests. This Field Guide contains information about 100 species of trees and shrubs from 38 plant families. The abundance of relict and endemic timber species (61 species endemic to Georgia and 43 species endemic to the Caucasus) indicates the high biodiversity of Georgian forests.


Georgian forests provide habitats and migration corridors to a range of wild fauna, and play an important role in the conservation of the genetic diversity of animal species in the region. In conditions of complex and deeply dissected relief, characteristic to Georgia, forests are especially important due to their climate regulation, water regulation and soil protection functions.


Forests also ensure the continuous delivery of vital benefits and resources to the population, and facilitate the development of a range of industries. Introduction In this Field Guide each plant family is displayed in a different color. The Field Guide contains an alphabetical index of species, as well as the names of species in Latin and English, as established by the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature.


The Field Guide also contains a brief description of the taxonomic characteristics, range and protection status of each species.


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