Results of Forest Reform Media Project

Forest Reform media project ended with the identification of the award-winning journalists.


Media representatives took part in the contest, who were granted awards in the following nominations:


The best TV coverage;

The best article

The best radio coverage;

Active-TV coverage;

Active printed media coverage;

Active internet media coverage;

Public’s favourite.


The prize for the best TV coverage was granted to Adjara Television.


Follow the link to see the winner news story.


TV company Borjomi prepared the biggest number of subject-related videos and consequently, won an award in the appropriate nomination.


A news story prepared by Monitori studio became public’s favorite, while a prize for the best radio coverage was granted to Freedom Radio journalist – Tata Kachkachishvili.


Marika Vacharadze became the winner of the best article nomination and Oliko Tsiskarishvili – in the most active media coverage nomination.


The winners were selected on the Forester Day event.

See the video report prepared by Rustavi 2.


The media project was aimed at the promotion of the forestry sector and advanced training of journalists pertaining to general issues and development opportunities in the forestry sector. Journalists involved in the project took a retraining course with leading experts in the sector. Media tours to vulnerable forest areas in Georgia were organized. As a result, issues were actively covered by TV, printed, radio and internet media.

The project was implemented with the support of GIZ, CENN, ADA and WRI.



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