Results of Forest Reform Media Project

Forest Reform media project ended with the identification of the award-winning journalists.   Media representatives took part in the contest, who were granted awards in the following nominations:   The best TV coverage; The best article The best radio coverage; Active-TV coverage; Active p


Opportunities for reduction of energy pressure on forests and development of economic potential

Interagency cooperation model aimed at eradication of fuel resources deficiency, post-forest fire risks, opportunities for ecosystem restoration, development of and assigning a protective status to Krtsanisi Park were the topics discussed by representatives of governmental agencies, CBOs and NGOs at


Winner schools of the first stage of a school competition

28 schools involved in the competition countrywide were able to collect more than 500 kg of waste paper per school during summer. Each of the schools received new books proportionally with the amount of waste paper collected by them.   Additional environmental literature was granted to three fi


Saplings of red-listed species were added to the Krtsanisi Park

Within Sustainable Forest Management (CENN/ADC) and Learn, Share, Do (USAID/Georgia), saplings of red-listed species were added to the beautiful environment of Krtsanisi Park. Thanks to National Nursery for the provision of saplings and for an interesting study tour. The saplings will be taken care


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