Severe Anthropogenic Stress on the Forests, Illegal Logging and Forest Degradation in the Ali Forest Zone

On 2 August 2017, CENN, within the framework of the project “Fostering New Technologies for Sustainable Forest Governance”, with the financial support of the World Resources Institute (WRI), organized fieldwork in Ali forest, Khashuri Municipality. The aim of the fieldwork was the assessment of the


Sold Dighomi Park to Partly Return to the City

According to Tbilisi Mayor, David Narmania, about 10, 000 m² of the sold Dighomi Park will be returned back to the city. The decision was made after discussions with the park’s private owners.   “The buyback process of Dighomi park has started, for it to be returned to Tbilisi once again. The r


Joint initiative by CENN and World Resources Institute - Forest Map of Natural Disaster Risks

Rapid forest degradation developed because of increased social and energy pressure has resulted in activation of disasters, burdening both the local residents and the country’s economy. The government has to pay millions of GEL annually for disaster prevention. However, since the efficiency of the c


Civil Society on the Risks of Failing to Implement the EU Association Agreement

Member organizations of the Georgian National Platform appeal to the Prime Minister regarding inconsistencies in the environmental section of the Association Agenda and request he postpone approval of the document until they are eliminated.   According to the appeal: ”The inconsistencies betwee


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