Sustainable Consumption of Printing Paper

Paper is a renewable resource. However, it is crucial to use it wisely. According to a study conducted by Xerox Corporation, one of the world’s largest suppliers of printing paper, office workers throw away 45 percent of documents within 24 hours of printing them.  This article suggests some tips fo


Tbilisi Public School №54 to Separate Waste

  On February 2, a waste separation corner opened at Tbilisi Public School #54. From now on, schoolchildren, their parents and school staff will be have a chance to bring their separated waste (paper, glass, plastic and aluminium) and dispose it in appropriate waste-bins in the separation with


Training on Waste Management was held for Schoolchildren from Village Nikozi and 1st Public School of Gori

On January 18, an interactive training on Waste Management Challenges was held for schoolchildren from village Nikozi and 1st public school of Gori. After a training, schoolchildren watched a documentary film on waste recycling. A meeting was concluded by an entertaining quiz and a discussion on was


Select the Convenient Location and Start Sorting Waste

Waste separation corners have already been up and running at already 7 locations in Tbilisi since January 2018. Local residents can bring sorted paper, glass, plastic and aluminium waste to the aforementioned stands.   Where should we bring waste?   Check the locations of waste separation


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