A Waste Separation Corner Opened at GTC Carrefour

In January 2018, an already sixth in a row waste separation corner was opened in Tbilisi, at GTC Carrefour located at Kolmeurneoba Square. Local residents and supermarket staff can bring sorted waste: paper, glass, plastic and aluminium to the separation corner. Transportation of thus sorted waste to recycling companies is provided by Clean World Ltd. Sorted waste is recycled at different enterprises and is transformed into new products.


Opening of the separation corner was implemented within Waste Management Technology in Regions, Phase II (WMTR II) program supported by USAID.


Through implementation of WMTR II program, USAID supports sustainable development and inclusive economic growth by facilitation of waste separation and recycling. Creation of waste recycling opportunities, education and awareness-raising campaigns help local residents to learn modern approaches to waste management and get actively involved in environmental processes.


Within WMTR II program, waste separation corners are already functional at different locations in Tbilisi.


Look through waste separation corners on the map of Tbilisi, spot the location near you, start sorting of waste and save natural resources.



WMTR II program is implemented by CENN with the support of USAID.


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