Winner schools of the first stage of a school competition

28 schools involved in the competition countrywide were able to collect more than 500 kg of waste paper per school during summer. Each of the schools received new books proportionally with the amount of waste paper collected by them.


Additional environmental literature was granted to three first stage winning schools.


The first place was awarded to First Public School of Kutaisi (2000 kg)

The second place was awarded to Maradisi Public School (1600 kg)

The place was awarded to Maradisi Public School (1600 kg)


81 students study at a small school in village Maradisi of Marneuli municipality. This is a school with six classrooms, old desks, damaged and ill-equipped infrastructure but unbelievably positive, diligent and active students.


According to Ruslan Bolkvadze, the headmaster, every student was involved in the Green Vacation Prize competition with great enthusiasm.


Save the paper! Save the forest!


The initiative is implemented within the program “Sustainable Forest Governance in Georgia” funded by Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC).


USAID-funded Waste Management Technology in Regions, Phase II and TissuePaper company are the co-participants of the initiative.



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