Earth Hour 2018

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Georgia marks the tenth “Earth Hour” on March 24 from 20:30-21:30

“Connect2Earth” – The eleventh “Earth Hour” is celebrated around the world on 24 March 2018. Starting at 20:30 local time, Earth Hour will be celebrated worldwide! This is the largest environmental action in the world where millions of people abstain from using electricity for one hour and choose to support the green and safe future of the planet.

Earth Hour in Georgia is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia in partnership with CENN, the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Tbilisi City Hall, the Division of the Environmental Protection of the Government of Adjara AR, and other public and private organizations and companies.

The main objective of the event is to provide information about climate change, increase public environmental awareness, increase human liability, and evaluate and improve our behaviour in favour of the environment. On this day, the world’s most famous landmarks will once again turn off their lights in recognition of “Earth Hour” and support the campaign in improving climate change worldwide.

With the support of CENN, the lights of municipal and private buildings will be turned off for one hour in Tbilisi, Batumi and Zugdidi. In the scope of the initiative, the Tbilisi TV tower will be lit up green all night. and the government of Adjara AR’s building, the Alphabet Tower and Sheraton Batumi Hotel will also join the campaign. This year, the campaign has gone beyond one hour of turning off lights and aims to promote and support the sustainable consumption of resources in society.

“Earth Hour” activities:



Within the initiative of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, a bicycle and the pedestrian marathon will be held with the support of the Georgian Sports Federation. Professional and amateur cyclists as well as the Minister, Levan Davitashvili, will participate in the activities as well.

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Within the framework of the campaign, the official “Earth Hour” opening event will take place at Deda Ena Park. The event will include numerous entertaining and educational activities. The Drummer Show will be held, and in the evening the bands, “Banderol” and “Rezo and Children” will perform for the public.

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With the support of the Environment Protection Division of Adjara, a film screening dedicated to Earth Hour will take place in the event hall of the Adjara Forestry Service.


The official “Earth Hour” launch will take place at the Sheraton Batumi Hotel, where representatives of the Government of Adjara, CENN, and the hotel itself will together turn off the lights at 8:30PM.


Critical Mass Batumi and CENN are inviting Batumi residents to take part in a bike-a-thon. The race will start from the adjacent territory of the Sheraton Hotel and will continue through Rustaveli Street via a traditional route and will deviate from the main route at the intersection of Gorgiladze Street and 26 May Street, from where it will go back to the Sheraton Hotel.

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This is a special event dedicated to Earth Hour that will be opened by the Mayor of Zugdidi and local representative of CENN. 60+ candles will be symbolically lit in front of the Zugdidi Justice Hall and the lights will be turned off in the main buildings in the city.


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