Peach Value Chain Analysis in Kakheti Region of Georgia

Agriculture has an important role in the economy of Georgia. The development of agriculture is especially significant for the regions of the country as the majority of their population are employed in this sector. Also, in many regions, agriculture is the major contributor to the economy. Major goal of this research is to analyze peach value chain in Kakheti region. This implies a detailed study of the sector and determination of its development potential.

Soil and climate of Kakheti are favorable for peach production. This was the major factor that drove the decision to cultivate peach in this region in the last century. Today Kakheti is the major peach producing region, the sector employees a certain part of the population and consequently, is the main source of income for this group.

In addition to the local consumption, the peach is also an export product which brings revenues to the Georgian economy every year. Despite this, the sector faces numerous challenges and a holistic approach on each level of the chain is necessary for further development of the sector and for creation of higher added value for the economy of the country.


Peaches VCA report- eng


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