Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection
Department of Environmental Supervision State supervision of environmental protection and use of natural resources throughout Georgia. The main fields of the activity of the Department include: supervision of the implementation of the requirements for the protection of ambient air, soil, minerals and biodiversity, including the requirements of the Georgian forestry legislation, use of natural resources, waste management and chemical safety, as well as supervision of the implementation of environmental permit conditions.
National Environmental




Management of the state unified information fund on mineral resources; development and management of a unified information fund on the land, geological, geodesic and cartographic resources; registration of conducted and ongoing industrial and scientific-geological works, registration of deposits of mineral resources and deposit occurrences; development of the state balance and cadastre data bases and their updating; issuing licenses on use of natural resource (except for oil and gas) in accordance with the Law of Georgia on Licenses and Permits and other laws, as well as management and coordination of activities related to licensing.
Service of Soil Resources Protection and Minerals


Development of the state policy of sustainable management and wise use of land resources and minerals and participation in its implementation; planning measures to mitigate desertification and land degradation; creation of a data base of contaminated lands and participation in their remediation; establishment of a system for evaluation of contamination; participation in identification of the groups of minerals; participation in decision making on privatization or leasing of lands of minerals fund.
State Inter-agency

Reserves Commission


There is an operation at the ministry, which is in charge of approval of mineral reserves (excluding oil and gas) and registering them on the state balance sheet.
Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development
LEPL G.Tsulukidze Mining Institute Development of effective and safe mining technologies; Study of mine slope stability; Development of new environmentally friendly explosives and development of technologies for blasting operations; Study of the seismic effect caused by a single blast and development of techniques for reducing its harmful impact on engineering structures; Development of software for determining optimal parameters of drilling and blasting operations; Metal processing through blasting; Development of systems for protection of people and mining facilities from explosion effects; Identification of properties of rocks and building materials and quality control; Development of new sound-damping and low-heat building materials production technologies; Chemical analysis of ores and their concentrates; Analysis of water and soil (except of microbiological); Technological testing of metallic and nonmetallic minerals by mechanical (gravitation, magnetic and electrostatic separation, flotation) and chemical (hydrometallurgy) methods for assessment of deposit economic potential; Environmental problems of mining industry.
Ministry of Energy
State Agency of Oil

and Gas

Choosing locations for investments and making decisions of the design of agreements with investors; development of tender conditions and auction rules; conducting tenders and auctions and identifying winners; issuing licenses to investors on behalf of the State for carrying out oil and gas activities; approving and granting all relevant rights, allotments, permits and certificates; issuing licenses on oil and gas processing and oil and gas transportation (operation licenses) on behalf of the State; approving all relevant permits and funds.

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