Guidebook for Budgeting Environmental Priorities

The Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Committee of the Parliament of Georgia, with active participation of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, other sectoral institutions and field experts, have prepared the “Green Budget Project”.

The Green Budget Project is the first guiding document of such a kind for the Parliament of Georgia and aims to support budgeting for legislative and institutional environmental reforms. The document provides analysis of the efficiency of the government’s environmental functions in light of local challenges as well as international obligations, identifies priorities and, based on them, suggests recommendations for the 2021 budget and future budgets. The analysis covers medium-term action plans of relevant sectoral agencies as well as various intersectoral topics, such as rural development, energy efficiency, green energy, green business, ecotourism, and environmental education.

The “Green Budget Project” was prepared with the support of the project Sustainable Forest Management for Rural Development, implemented by CENN and funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC). The print version of the document will be prepared by the Parliament of Georgia in the near future.

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