The Circular Economy – Concept and Facts

The Circular Economy – Concept and Facts

Prof. Dr. Hans Wiesmeth, Prof. emer., Technical University of Dresden, Faculty of Business
Administration and Economics

Introductory Remarks: This first part of the textbook on the circular economy introduces the
concept and explains the economic background and its close relationship to a sustainable
development and the waste hierarchy. Relevant environmental regulations are briefly
introduced, important paragraphs addressed, whereas examples show that current attempts to
implement certain features of a circular economy by means of this legislation still pose a serious
The second part of the textbook focusses then on the implementation of a circular economy by
means of appropriate tools and policies. In this context, the concept of an “Integrated
Environmental Policy” is developed, practical examples are provided – after a thorough analysis
of deficiencies of the current regulations.

Please follow the link to download the document: Circular_Economy_1_R1_ENG


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