WMTR - EPR Policy Options for Beverage Producers in Georgia

Packaging waste constitutes a large fraction of household waste in industrialized countries. In Germany, for example, some 14 million tonnes of residual household waste collected in 2014 have to be contrasted to 18 million tonnes of packaging waste collected by the dual systems1. Developing countries and countries in transition are catching up quickly. Landfilling glass, paper, aluminum, and plastic waste requires a lot of space, and takes away valuable land resources. This might be a problem for countries with scarce land resources and or those oriented on agricultural development, like Georgia. Therefore it is very important to curb the consumption of packaging material and to recover and recycle packaging waste.

The following report develops a system for the collection and recycling of empty drinks containers. This system follows the legal regulations in Georgia, which point to the waste hierarchy and to an EPR policy for organizing collection and recycling with incentives for a design-for-environment.


For more information, please see the file below:

WMTR_EPR Policies Regarding Drinks Packaging in Georgia_2017_ENG


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